Sydni inspires and motivates would-be adventurers to pursue their wanderlust by offering a rare opportunity to seize their overseas dreams and unapologetically indulge their inner explorer.

While she started based in Chicago, Illinois, her part-time home is Rome, Italy. After a profound journey to her ancestral town in Sicily, Sydni developed an everlasting adoration for Italy. TravItaly with Sydni is a result of her motivation in life – a love for travel and overcoming cultural barriers. 

In 2018, Sydni began to pursue her wanderlust wholeheartedly. You can read about that adventure here. These travels garnered the same aspiring comments from followers like, “I wish I could do that.” There was clearly a demand for a personal, affordable journey to Italy for would-be travelers. After a bottle of Chianti and some encouragement, TravItaly with Sydni was in the works.

With a BS in operations management, travel planning came naturally to Sydni. Resourcefulness and efficiency play a key role in her trips and actively aid her in guiding her travelers.

The unique combination of her passion for exploration, a degree in operations, and a deep connection to Italy forged Sydni into an innovative and dynamic travel concierge.

Why Sydni?

  • She’s an expert at off-the-beaten-track destinations
  • She’s a US-Italian dual citizen and speaks basic Italian
  • Italian partnerships stretch your euro further
  • Food & wine – pillars of Italian culture – are her forte
  • Most importantly, THIS IS HER PASSION!

Traveling makes our human hearts come alive!
I aspire to share my passion of travel with others – I know, it’s a cliche. But I’m not just a travel planner/agent, and there’s a reason for that. I accompany my clients because I want to see those awestruck eyes and excited smiles.
My urge to travel is never satisfied, because I’m endlessly chasing that first-time-abroad feeling. Helping others live out their previously “impossible” dreams reminds my wandering heart and restless feet to be content.
Confidence grows knowing you’re adaptable no matter where you go; I’ve experienced that personally and want to enable others to do the same.
I’m loudly ambitious in my pursuit to bring the surreal backpacking experience to people.

– Sydni J

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